Sowing seeds of grace

I am grateful to God for the grace that was evident at our recent Jesus Experience outreach. Thank you so much for your ongoing prayers and encouragements! We had a really blessed time over the course of the outreach and I have already been in touch with a couple of the contacts I made there.

Gina came to see us after I visited her sister’s ‘natural products’ stall. The two sisters had decided to come to our stand following a conversation we had about mutual concerns we held relating to the darkness of the festival. Having been brought up in Roman Catholicism, Gina seemed very open to the gospel. However, when I asked when she became a Christian, she told me that she had been one since birth. She didn’t know what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus and asked me, ‘How can I be born again?’ Is there a more wonderful question to hear? I explained that she needed to come to Jesus, turn away from a life of sin and trust in him to save her. She prayed silently, after which I prayed for her. By God’s grace we will soon be in touch. Please pray that the gospel seed planted in her that day will grow to fruition and bring Jesus glory!


Kim was on a true journey and ended up taking turns to speak to three of us on the stand. To begin with, she had a conversation with one of the other volunteers who encouraged her in the direction of Jesus. Shortly after that she returned, asking to talk to someone Jewish and was pointed my way. I told her that I was Jewish and she told me she was also. She told me that, because of this fact, she couldn't pray to Jesus because ‘Jewish people don’t believe in Jesus’. I explained that believing in Jesus or Yeshua (which means ‘salvation’) is the most Jewish thing to do because we, as Jewish believers, know the true Messiah. I shared the gospel with Kim, and showed how we still need a sacrifice, particularly in light of the temple having been destroyed. I went on to explain that the Hebrew Scriptures prophesied that the Messiah was going to come and die in the place of sinners. I shared with her that this had already taken place, adding that Yeshua had been raised from the dead and would also be returning! I gave her Stan Telchin’s book Betrayed and prayed for her. A short time later she came back and wanted to talk to Stuart, another Jewish believer, who ended up leading her in prayer to Yeshua! Please do pray that the confession that she made was true and that she will trust him as her Lord and Saviour. Kim lives near me so please pray that the Lord will help me as I make further contact with her.

This article was first published in the Autumn Herald 2012

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