Precious opportunities

I arrived at the New Age festival to find all the tables on our stand occupied by fellow workers, so I decided to visit nearby stallholders while I waited for a table to become free. I used my background in the jewellery trade to approach a number of gem dealers and jewellers at the festival. The first man I spoke to was Rondie, the owner of a gem company specialising in stones allegedly possessing healing energy. I asked him about the stones and their supposed properties, but he was unable to give any examples of people being healed by the gems. I told him I was a Christian and that the Bible teaches that heaven is filled with gems, the like of which we have never seen. He seemed intrigued when I told him that I looked to God, not stones, for healing! Having planted a seed with Rondie, the stand began filling up with customers and I moved on.

A lady I spoke to sold pentagrams; pieces of occult jewellery over which incantations have been uttered. We spoke about the sourcing of the stones she used, the pieces themselves and the prices of the metals. She told me she had been suffering with a cough and had visited a spiritualist church to receive prayer but that her condition was not improving. I told her that I suffered from migraines, for which I had received prayer at a Christian church. As soon as I said the word ‘Christian,’ the tone of her voice changed and she asked in a sarcastic manner whether the prayer I received had helped. I asked if I could pray for her cough and, much to my surprise, she said yes. After praying, she told me that her husband did tarot readings and offered to give me a free reading! Fortunately, the Lord helped me find the words to graciously decline her offer without causing offence to her or her husband!


I returned to The Jesus Experience stand and found a free table. It wasn’t long before Oxianna, a lady from a Greek Orthodox background, sat down. She had been through several serious illnesses and suffered greatly with anxiety. As I shared my testimony with her, it appeared that God was at work as she kept welling up with tears and holding my hand. I explained about Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary on behalf of sinners and that, without the shedding of his blood, we could not be saved. She cried and told me how she felt our heart was the same. I prayed for Oxianna, gave her a card and asked her to stay in touch. As I got up to take a break I could see she wanted to talk more. I asked her to join me for lunch and she seemed excited that we could carry on our conversation about Jesus. After lunch, she gave me a hug and told me that the good news I had shared with her had changed her life.

This article was first published for the Autumn Herald 2012

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