What a mighty God we serve

We praise God that once again we’ve had the opportunity to take the Good News to those who are actively seeking meaning and spiritual fulfilment in their lives. When I look back at our recent outreach to those dabbling in the New Age, it’s not the inflatable temples and their devotees that I remember; neither is it the friendly stallholders or the array of ephemeral ideologies on offer. My greatest impression from our outreach is the breadth of people that came to our stand wanting, even needing, a touch from God. Our contacts came from many different places and backgrounds: from Sheffield to Slovenia, and from spiritualist churches to the Methodists; Jewish, Hindu and Muslim people; those with cancer, scoliosis, agoraphobia, the bereaved, as well as people simply wanting a new start.

At our previous outreach last autumn we saw many Jewish people – more than in previous years. This year, meeting  Jewish visitors on our stand was a common occurrence. Before the show even opened on the first morning, a colleague and I were chatting to three young Israelis. Earlier my colleague had made contact with some young Jewish people on another stand who were very open indeed and took literature. They were amazed that some on our team spoke a bit of Hebrew. One of the young men came to see one of my colleagues twice during the fair. Many Jewish people have been wrongly warned that the New Testament is an anti-Semitic book, so we were delighted when he accepted a New Testament – and a testimony book – in Hebrew, which he started to read during the festival. Later on, Rachel, an elderly Israeli lady from London, stopped and gladly accepted a New Testament in Hebrew. Then a Jewish lady from South Africa was thrilled to receive a New Testament from one of the team as she had wanted to read it but didn’t have one. I also had a very positive conversation with a young Jewish man, David. He was on his way to a seminar, but we chatted long enough for him to tell me about his search for a truly middle-of-the-road synagogue. He too accepted one of our Jewish New Testaments.


At every show there are always one or two who remember us from previous events and make a point of coming to see us to hear and experience more. It was encouraging to learn that a Jewish lady, Margot, who had spoken with Jenny, one of our helpers, in October, had come back to see her again. Margot is an alternative therapist and Reiki practitioner. She said she very much wanted to ‘feel the connection’ she experienced when Jenny prayed for her last time. Before praying for her again, Jenny explained further what it means to be a disciple of Jesus; how it’s an exclusive relationship with boundaries, quite different to the common idea that there are many spiritual paths to God. Both times that Jenny has prayed for Margot she has sensed a very strong call of God on this lady’s life and a deep longing in Margot for spiritual reality.


One of my colleagues and I witnessed to a Jewish man, who  had some personal problems. He came to the stand saying he wanted ‘peace and forgiveness’ and a new start. He’d had an interest in the esoteric for some time and had realised that it had got him nowhere. He prayed with us to receive Jesus. Our prayer is that he won’t get sidetracked into New Age interests but will come to know the freedom that only Jesus can offer.


Being a ‘spiritual’ event, we had the privilege of sharing the Good News with some who were well-versed in things of ‘the spirit’, including: a well-spoken healer from Kent; a lady psychic; a medium whose son had committed suicide and whose partner has cancer; a lady whose husband has Parkinson’s disease, and whose mother is a medium … oh, and a church life group leader from the Home Counties! However, I would particularly ask for prayer for Geoff, a real English gentleman and a psychic, who genuinely but mistakenly believes that his work is helping people. We have known him for a while and his eternal future is important to us. We recently gave Geoff a testimony book written by a former spiritualist. Please pray that God will use this book to bring him to Jesus.


Finally, just after the show I received an email from a visitor to our stand. I don’t know which of our helpers prayed for this lady, but praise God they were there. This is what she wrote: ‘I just wanted to thank you, I was at the … festival on the weekend, and I spent time with two people at your stall, they talked to me, prayed for me, and gave me hope. For this I literally owe them my life. I had been feeling suicidal, especially so the day before. And now I am living with hope, most importantly I am living. Thank you.’

This article first appeared in the Autumn Herald 2014

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