Seek and you will find

What an experience indeed! I was quite nervous about how this way of introducing our Lord to people would work but he really did bless me, and I pray he used me as a blessing to others. Having the “Free Life Readings” on each table as well as having “Jesus” as part of the name of our stand intrigued quite a few people and they were willing to come and talk. My experience of ministry so far has mostly been going out to reach people but now here we were, welcoming them to our tables. I had many blessed conversations but I would like to share about just one of them.

A Filipino lady called S came to my table. I am still not sure what exactly drew her to us, although I know it was God. S told me she had been raised as a Catholic but that her family became Mormons and she had learned to live a strict lifestyle trying to follow the many rules the church imposed. However, she said, she had now had enough of feeling guilty about breaking the various rules she was trying to live by. She felt drawn towards Buddhist meditation but, at the same time, she had had enough of “religion”. I emphasised that “religions” are man-made but that the Bible talks about a relationship with God that needs to be healed.

I spoke to S about God’s Son, Jesus, coming to pay the penalty we deserved so that the broken relationship between us and God could be restored. Realising that she wasn’t open to receive Jesus as her Lord and Saviour, I mentioned to her that there is a verse in the Bible which says that if we seek God with all our hearts we will find him. She said she did want to know God with all her heart, and she was willing to pray for that.

After we prayed, I apologised for not asking S to pick a card, she picked one and I asked her what verse was on the back. To both S’s amazement and mine, the card she picked was Jeremiah 29:13: You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”!

As a result, S gave me her email address and we will hopefully be in touch.

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