No religion please,I'm Jewish

Our stand looks beautiful, with hangings of purple and red, pale blue and gold. It’s covered with billows of white muslin like a cloud, as though God’s Shekinah glory has descended upon the only outwardly Christian stand anchored in a sea of consumerism and psychics. As I write my colleagues and our helpers are seated at small tables, engaged in earnest conversation with visitors to the exhibition. Today I overheard a lady, who was unsure whether to sit at a table, exclaim, “I hope this isn’t religious; I’m Jewish!”

“So am I!” said my delighted colleague, who proceeded to explain why Jesus is good news for Jewish people. The same lady was overheard later on talking to a Jewish friend, who was criticising her for visiting our Jesus-focussed stand. However, the lady responded by reiterating what she’d heard and telling her friend how positive Jesus can be for Jewish people.

It is a real privilege to be part of this ministry, where collectively we have opportunity to witness to up to three thousand people per year at the exhibitions we visit. This is far more gospel conversations than one worker could ever hope to have in one year.

Amongst those three thousand are a good number of Jewish people, attracted by the Jewish artefacts and literature on our stand. This outreach is a powerful demonstration of Romans 1:16 in action, as we share the gospel with the Jew first, and also the “Greek”. In fact the very first person to sit down on our stand with me this year was A, a Jewish lady, who is involved in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and hypnosis, and who prays to “the universe”! It was a very positive conversation, which led to her accepting a copy of the Jewish testimony book, Betrayed. A lady from the exhibition organisers was visiting our stand, and couldn’t help but ask, what the Jewish symbolism here had to do with Jesus as she was Jewish herself. She went away with a copy of the testimony booklet Messiah.An older Jewish lady, with a real concern for the future of Israel, also spoke with me for some time about Messiah.

The outreach is a very good opportunity to train others in personal, face-to-face evangelism and gives some of our helpers, who come from far and wide, the opportunity to encounter and witness to Jewish people first hand. In exhibitions like these, we are replicating Paul’s example of sharing the gospel in the market place, where people are more open to consider spiritual matters. Women are said to be more open to the gospel, and because of that this show, which is basically an outwardly attractive health and beauty show, is a wonderful place to share the gospel effectively. We praise God that we have seen a good number of people making decisions for Jesus already.

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