Tour with a Difference

Rosie and Alfred Yeo
(Alfred Yeo is Chairman of the CWI-Singapore Committee)

We rejoice in the Lord for his protection and guidance during CWI’s Tour With A Difference to Israel and Jordan in November 2008 and we learned much during the trip.

Each morning we had a devotional time together and in the evenings Jewish pastors shared their passion for their Messiah, Jesus. As we observed their needs and their eagerness to serve their Lord, we were blessed with a deeper understanding of Jewish culture and lifestyle. We were also glad to hear from David Zadok, David and Lisa Loden, Martin Dekker, Baruch Maoz, Diana Shimon (the illustrator of the Illustrated Children’s Bible) and Sarah Chan.

Through our trip, we have been reminded afresh that the Jewish people need the gospel of Jesus Christ. Though they are God’s chosen ones, yet they can only come to God through Jesus the Messiah, who loved us and gave himself for us. It is not easy for Jewish people – nor indeed for Arabs – to follow Jesus but, on this tour, those who do so blessed and encouraged us.

Billy & Ruth Chiang
(Billy Chiang is Executive Director of the Haggai Institute Singapore)

We have travelled to many nations of the world but this CWI Israel trip was an extraordinary experience! This was indeed a Tour with a Difference noted for the outstanding speakers, the fellowship with – and ministry from – Messianic Jews, and the singing of the children’s choir. The Bible came alive as we studied history, archeology, geography and topography, and thought about Jewish culture, customs, traditions and regulations. We also came away with a better understanding of why some Jewish people oppose Christianity and of how difficult it is for a Jewish person to become a follower of the Messiah. With greater revelation comes greater responsibility – a burden to pray for Israel and a deeper concern for the salvation of the Jewish people.


Last year Alfred and Rosie Yeo invited me to join them on CWI-Singapore’s tour to Israel. I had a wonderful time of fellowship with my Singaporean friends, who showed much interest in the ministry of CWI.

Singaporeans are surely “hot & spicy” (i.e. warm & fun!) and they love their food. So they get on well with our Jewish friends who are also food lovers. David Zadok often says, “Before you visit Israel, you read the Bible in black and white but after your visit to Israel, you will read the Bible in colour”. This is so true and I hope that, through the tour, God will raise up more prayer warriors and missionaries to the lost sheep of Israel.

During the trip, we saw so many “stones”– in historical ruins and archaeological sites –that, in the end, I gave up taking pictures of them. However, there are two kinds of stone which come to mind when I think about my work amongst the Jewish people:

The Precious stones

On our first evening in Tel Aviv, there was no programme and, although everyone was tired from travelling, some seemed anxious to do something. So when our friendly Israeli coach driver offered to drive us to visit a nearby well-known diamond centre, we became excited and energetic. A couple asked, “Sarah, are you coming to the diamond factory?” and when I replied, “Yes, of course,” they looked rather surprised. “Missionaries can love diamonds,” I thought to myself, “even if we can’t afford to buy any!”

At the factory we watched a promotional video Diamonds in Israel and I found it truly fascinating. I learned that Israel is one of the major diamond centres in the world. We watched the journey of a rough raw diamond stone from Africa to Israel and saw how it became a top quality precious gem. Every piece of jewellery was skilfully designed and crafted as dedicated workers used sophisticated machinery to carefully measure and cut each tiny stone.

I came out of the centre with a renewed vision for my work. Jewish people are proud of their achievements and they are driven and dedicated. They are precious stones. Jewish mission is a challenge!

The Living Stones

Each evening we had different speakers who informed us about the work of HaGefen and the church in Israel. My colleague, David Zadok, kindly arranged for a group from the Grace and Truth Congregation to visit us at our hotel. We also had the privilege of seeing the first “international” performance of The Grace and Truth Children’s Choir! They were really superb and we all agreed that this was the highlight of the tour. I was also encouraged by the testimonies given by members of the congregation. The church in Israel is growing and they are the living stones – a testimony to God’s faithful and wonderful promises!

We have been encouraged that, following on from the Israel Tour with a Difference, CWI-Singapore decided to hold regular prayer meetings for the work, the first of which took place in January – Editor

This article first appeared in the Spring 2009 edition of the Herald

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