I read it through the Grapevine

In recent weeks, whenever I have spoken to friends overseas, the issue of the current turmoil in the Middle East has come up. Many ask me about how people in Israel see these events and if they are scared about them. It is no longer just Tunisia and Egypt; there have also been demonstrations in Yemen, Syria, Jordan and, of course, Bahrain and Libya. In addition, as I write these words, Miss Mary Gardner from Scotland, a worker with Wycliffe Bible translators, has just been killed by a bomb in Israel. Many others were also injured In that incident, which took place at the central bus station in Jerusalem. Furthermore, Grad missiles have been landing in Ashqelon and one even hit Ashdod, only ten minutes drive from our home.

But life for the most part is normal or, perhaps I should say, it is business as usual. People wake up in the morning and take the kids to school, they go to work, they eat and go out with friends and live their lives as they have always done. However, there is still something in the back of your mind which makes you listen more carefully to the news or check your mobile more regularly to see if there have been any dramatic developments.

However, for us at HaGefen, these last few months have been busy, particularly with regard to the work of evangelism. We recently distributed 50,000 copies of the updated edition of Stan Telchin’s Betrayed. Many copies were given to the National Evangelistic Committee who initially requested the printing of the book again. The books have already been used at four NEC organized events where many were given away. Thankfully only a few hundred copies are still sitting in our offices.

In addition, some 30,000 copies of a small booklet called L'chaim (To Life) have been printed in Hebrew and Russian, and small numbers in English. Many of them have already been distributed by various churches and we have now been asked to print 3,000 more in Russian!

Finally, a new evangelistic book called The Case for God, written by a lawyer who is also a Jewish believer, is currently being printed. We have been working on the translation of the book for some months and it will be ready by the time you read this article. The book was published mainly for the benefit of students in various universities who find it hard to argue with some of the very secular and liberal professors. We hope that the book will prove to be a useful tool in their hands.

All of these things show that while there is uncertainty in the land and the region, people are looking for answers. We are thankful that in God’s sovereignty all these projects, many of which were planned months before, have come out at just the right time.

Please pray that the Lord will use these publications for his glory and the salvation of the Jewish people. I personally have had a few opportunities to speak with individuals as well. One in particular, Eina, is very open to the gospel and attended a Bible study that I was leading. Please pray for her salvation.

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