The God who works

‘My peace I give to you,’ said Jesus to his disciples shortly after his last Passover meal. Whatever our circumstances, we can know a peace in Jesus that the rest of the world finds elusive. Our exhibition stand at our latest New Age outreach was for many a haven of peace where they could experience something of God amidst a hectic world.

Imagine a busy exhibition, light and bright with colourful stands and friendly faces; everything from psychic consultations to ‘spiritual haircuts,’ and from holistic massages to health foods. Then, as you turn the corner, you find a makeshift worship area where six or seven are sitting cross-legged, meditating in front of a large picture of Krishna. In fact, the vast majority of those who throng the aisles and engage the stall holders are spiritual seekers. However, in today’s post-modern society, their question is not, 'What is true?' but, 'What works?’ So we can thank God that in Jesus we have a God who ‘works’, who has compassion on the lost, who brings forgiveness to the fallen, healing to the sick and hope to the hopeless.


In the same way that many flocked to Jesus for help when he walked the earth, many came to our stand with a need: a young Jewish man seeking forgiveness, a lady troubled by fear of the future, a man who came to the stand and made a definite response to Jesus simply because one of our team had beckoned him! Others came too, such as a man who wanted clarity on the place of Christianity amongst the diverse religions represented at the exhibition. This particular conversation developed into a wonderful opportunity to explain the gospel but in language that a New Age seeker could understand. I explained to two or three people at the show that the Christian life is not an easy option but, even so, the gospel is attractive when compared to the New Age alternative of an almost endless cycle of life and death. However, when New Age teaching turns us all into divine beings. taking up one’s cross and submitting to Almighty God is an alien concept.

We were particularly grateful to the organisers for allowing us to run a seminar at the event. Jo, a Christian speaker and author, spoke on ‘Rejection’; something that many struggle with in today’s society. In connection with this, a lady who made a commitment to Jesus at the show, later reported she was now free from the pain she had suffered from for many months following a car accident.

It was amazing to see how many people with views divergent to Christianity were willing to come for Christian prayer and conversation on a stand that lifted up the name of Jesus. This year we were particularly pleased to welcome many Jewish people – more than in previous years – some British and some from Israel.


For instance, one gentleman, who wanted to know what we believe, took evangelistic literature but was particularly interested in receiving a complete Bible in Hebrew, including the New Testament! A colleague had a long conversation with a young lady who was considering converting to Judaism and we also spoke to a secular Israeli photographer who, sadly, was unwilling to change. A young Israeli man working on another stand gratefully accepted a booklet in Hebrew and many others heard about Jesus.

A number of people sought out our stand again after visiting us in previous years. In particular, two staff from a psychic stand visited us each day seeking peace, in tacit recognition that Jesus alone is the highest power. May God open their eyes to what is really needed: true repentance and faith in Jesus.

Thank you for your prayers for our ministry. Please continue to pray that all these people and many others will find not only a place of peace but also the Prince of Peace, the God who works!  

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