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Time for change

Dear Fellow-Worker,

I recently splashed out on a super-duper new mobile phone that not only allows me to make calls but also gives me access to my e-mails and the internet when I’m on the move. When I showed the cool young sales assistant the model I was ditching I could see he was trying not to laugh. After all, it was three years old; a dinosaur in terms of mobile phone technology. And technology is developing at such a pace that by the time I got the phone home, unpacked it and accessed my first e-mail, it was out of date!

The same goes for the world wide web. If you’ve visited our web sites recently, you’ll have noticed they do look a little lacklustre. When we launched them over ten years ago they were state of the art and looked pretty good but since then, in spite of a couple of face lifts, they have remained basically the same as when they first went online. For a long time we’ve wanted to re-launch them and the time has now come.

So, make a note of 1st December in your diaries because that’s the day CWI’s new websites go online.

At, you will still be able to find information about CWI and to read full, unedited articles from the Herald as well as being able to access features from the past. The site will not only look better but will also have some exciting new features including CWY? for young people, news updates about Israel and the Jewish people that you won’t see in your daily paper or on the BBC, responses to anti-Israel reports in the media, and my own blog. You will be able to download audio and video files including sermons, lectures and PowerPoint presentations and will be able to keep abreast of CWI events and meetings. For obvious reasons, there will be no reports from our field workers or information about them, nor will any of them be mentioned by name.

The evangelistic site is also getting a full makeover and will carry testimonies, apologetic material, comments on the weekly synagogue readings, expositions of the Messianic prophecies and material helpful to Christians who want to share the gospel with Jewish friends.

While these improvements in our communications are vital, website makeovers will not save the Jewish people. Some exciting opportunities to move forward are presenting themselves to us. At a time when some long-established and respected missions have been forced by the recession to make cuts in staff, by the grace of God CWI is faced with opportunities to actually expand and develop our ministry and I am of the firm conviction that now is the time for CWI to move forward. In the New Year I will be unveiling CWI’s vision for the future at meetings in Birmingham, Leeds, Gateshead, Hadleigh and Westbury, and sharing how you, our supporters, can be part of our strategy. For the dates and venues of those regional events, see page 11. Above all, pray for us and plan to be with us.

Yours for the salvation of Israel,

Mike Moore

This article first appeared in the Herald December 2009

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