Presenting the Gospel to the Jewish People

Our goal and task in Israel is to support the churches in their God-given task of evangelism and discipleship. We seek to achieve this goal with three arms. The first arm, for which we are best known, is publishing. HaGefen (the Vine) Publishing continues to produce material that is necessary and helpful for the growth of the church. We publish books to help believers to grow in their understanding of the faith of our fathers and also books that communicate the gospel, the whole counsel of God, from a Jewish and Israeli perspective.

Our other two arms are teaching and empowering. We have conducted various teaching seminars on subjects such as evangelism, parenting, the Heidelberg Catechism (in conjunction with publishing a Hebrew version of the catechism), and seminars for translators and editors. With our empowering arm we have helped to set up Christian schools and are working on a collection of Jewish Christian biographies. All these are projects will help to empower the church in Israel to proclaim the gospel of our Messiah.

In the last few months we have been busy with evangelism. In conjunction with the Grace and Truth congregation and other fellowships we published a Russian evangelistic booklet. In addition, the HaGefen offices were turned into a call centre for a national evangelistic campaign that lasted three months. During this time different people from the congregation manned the phone lines from 8am to 10pm. Many phone calls were received and some 1,300 people requested the evangelistic booklet and the New Testament, and many of these people have since been visited personally by different evangelists. For the first time our book is also being published in Germany! We have made some minor changes to it in order to make it suitable for the Russian Jews there. The book will be published by the Evangeliumsdienst für Israel that is being led by CWI Council member Hartmut Renz. We are excited to be able to reach beyond the boundaries of Israel with the gospel.

In the meantime, we have begun work on another evangelistic campaign, this time in Hebrew. In recent years we have seen a real openness towards the gospel, particularly amongst young Israelis. Many twenty-somethings, after completing military service followed by a long trip to the East visiting exotic places, show a real openness to hear about Jesus, the Messiah promised in the Hebrew Scriptures. Postmodernism has hit Israeli society hard and the younger generation feels like the rug has been pulled from under their feet. Young Israelis are searching for something a bit deeper than relativism. They are starting to look for something more solid and absolute.

In the autumn congregations from three major cities will work together in a major evangelistic campaign. Through the generous support of an organisation in Finland advertisements will be placed in the various media, including billboards, buses, radio and internet pop-up’s. These will draw people’s attention to the need for a real change of heart and will invite them to contact us for a free copy of our evangelistic book. A special website will feature Youtubestyle videos of young Israelis sharing how their lives have been changed through the gospel. HaGefen is coordinating the campaign so please pray that the Lord will use these efforts and all the other initiatives to take the gospel to our people.

It is a great privilege to be a part of this fascinating and exciting work for the kingdom. A new generation of believers is rising in Israel. Many young believers are grasping the truth of the gospel and are willing not only to live by it but also to share it with others. The seed of the Word is being sown but reaping is also taking place. We are seeing the fruit of many years of effort and hard work by many great people who came before us. May we continue to sow and to reap for the glory of our Triune God. Thank you for your partnership with us in this challenging but exciting ministry.

David Zadok

This first appeared in the Sept-Nov 2009 edition of the Herald

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