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Recently we had some items delivered to our office by two Ethiopian men. During the delivery they started to ask questions about what we do at HaGefen. This provided a great opportunity for the gospel that was hard to resist

I shared the good news with them for around twenty minutes. Thankfully we had an Amharic and Hebrew parallel Bible in the office and I was able to read a number of passages from the Old Testament to them. Many of their responses to Jeremiah 31 and Isaiah 53 were very typical but, nevertheless, they listened. Despite the fact that one of them was quite sarcastic about what I was sharing with them, the other paid close attention. After we had spoken, they completed their delivery and left. Join me in praying that the Lord will use the seed that was sown during this encounter.   


Judging by the number of evangelistic publications that have been distributed in the last few months, there appears to be a real openness to the gospel amongst the Jewish people. One of our evangelistic books, The Lawyer’s Case for God by Jim Jacob, has been the second most requested book after the New Testament. For some years now we have been working with different evangelistic websites who send requests for free books directly to our office. We then send the books out to those who have requested them. Two years ago we printed 3,000 copies of this book and we only have about half a dozen copies left. We are now working on an updated version of the book with the author. Due to the current demand we plan on printing a few hundred copies until we are able to print a larger volume of the updated version. We also printed 3,000 copies of the same book in Russian and have only a few hundred left.


As you may remember (see Spring Herald), last November we printed The Last Jew of Rotterdam in Hebrew and in February in Russian. Again, we printed 3,000 copies of each and already more than half have been distributed to different congregations, many of whom work with Holocaust survivors. During Purim we also gave some 200 copies to Israeli soldiers as part of the Grace and Truth congregation’s Purim project for soldiers.


We have also printed a further 20,000 copies of the L’chaim (To Life) booklet in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English. In the past we have printed and distributed some 40,000 copies of the booklet. We were able to do this following a generous donation from a couple from Pennsylvania, who come and help with training and delivering them to various organisations and churches involved in evangelism.


In my last update I mentioned our scheme to double the donations for books for Israeli congregations. I am glad to be able to report that through your generous gifts we were able to provide some 12,000 shekels worth of books to ten different congregations and organisations. Thank you! 


At the end of January, Eina Vasques, who has been working with HaGefen for fourteen years, left us in order to spend more time with her two young children. We wish her and her family the Lord’s blessing. A few weeks back we hired Arie Grinberg, who had been working with us on a freelance basis, as a full-time worker. He is helping us with editing,
translation work and other tasks in the office. We pray that he will fit well in his new role and help us move forward with many of our projects. One of these projects is the HaGefen calendar for the coming year. Similar to previous years, it will cover sixteen months from September 2014 to December 2015. This time round it features beautiful old pictures of the land of Israel which were taken around one hundred years ago on glass slides. We are now taking pre-orders for the calendar and the price will be $12 (not including handling & shipping). Orders for 10 or more copies will cost $10. To place an order or to enquire about larger volumes please write to the office at




David Zadok

CWI Field Director

This article first appeared in the summer Herald 2014

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