I read it through the Grapevine

It has been a busy first half of the year for us here at HaGefen, for which we are grateful.

Back in March we printed 2,500 copies of our first Arabic evangelistic tract. We have previously printed some 30,000 copies of the same tract in Hebrew, Russian and English. We anticipate printing more copies in Arabic following this pilot print run, after we have received feedback on how it has gone. We are working in cooperation with two Arab ministries here in Israel. At the time of writing, we are also organizing a book exhibition in Nazareth for the end of May. We have planned this exhibition with an Arabic publisher and are conducting this book fair together for the first time. We hope that we will be able to better serve the mixed communities of Jews and Arabs who live in Nazareth and the surrounding area.

Also, in February, we held a seminar on the importance of reading and publishing. Our speaker was William Mackenzie, the director of Christian Focus publishing house, accompanied by his wife Catherine, who has written many children’s books. We also invited a variety of people who work in the field of publishing to attend. It was a very productive and helpful seminar, and we hope to be able to implement many of the new things we learnt.


Just before Passover we were able to prepare twelve lessons (pictured above) designed for children of different ages who attend various camps. There are usually three camps in the year that occur during the Passover Feast, summer vacation and the Feast of Tabernacles. The material that we translate and publish helps children when they are back home, in between the camp experiences, as follow-up to what they have learnt at camp. Equipping and helping the young generation in their faith is an important part of our calling here at HaGefen.

Looking ahead, we are hoping to print Baruch Maoz’s commentary on the Gospel of Matthew soon. We have also completed the translation of the first 24 Psalms as part of Matthew Henry’s commentary on the Book of Psalms. This will be our second translation of this great Puritan minister’s work.


I’m glad to be able to tell you that we recently managed the publication of the 21st volume of the Grace and Truth Russian magazine. As you may remember, this is the first time the magazine has been prepared, printed and shipped from Israel. We printed 10,000 copies and sent it to some thirty countries. This project is being carried out as a publishing service for the Grace and Truth congregation, with HaGefen being the publisher. If you have any Russian-speaking friends who might benefit from receiving the magazine, please forward us their address and we would be happy to send them a copy. The magazine is sent free of charge since many of the magazine’s readers, particularly those from the former Soviet Union, are not able to pay a subscription fee.

In other news, there have been changes in the staff here at HaGefen. Christina, my personal assistant who has served us for six years, has left. She married a Danish man on 9 May and will be moving to Denmark with her husband. I had

the honour of conducting their wedding ceremony. Christina started her work at HaGefen as a translator and proof reader and later moved into her final role.

For some time we have looked for a replacement and we had a few candidates in mind for the position. I’m pleased to announce that we have hired Yulia Zlatkov to fill the gap that Christina has left. Yulia has been a member of the Grace and Truth congregation for many years and has been involved with the youth ministry during that time. For the last 15 years she worked at El Al, the Israeli national airline, in various roles, and in her last position was responsible for El Al domestic flights from Terminal One. We are looking forward to working together as we continue to move the work of HaGefen on during the remainder of 2013.

Finally, in the last few days we have been able to share the gospel with one of our neighbours who claims to be an atheist. Two days ago I gave him a copy of one of our publications. I was sure he would not really read it but an hour later I walked to his office to give him a fax that he was looking for and saw him sitting and reading the booklet. Please pray for Isaac.

This article first appeared in the Summer Herald 2013

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