One Year On

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since we came back to Israel but we can confidently say that the Lord has been very good to us! So much has happened in our lives and in the ministry, yet through it all we have known the presence of the Lord with us
The Children’s Bible Story book has been a “best-seller”. In addition to the complimentary copy sent to each of the congregations, some 400 copies have already been sold and we have received some encouraging feedback. We are currently working on three commentaries from the Let’s Study series published by the Banner of Truth Trust.

The translation of Sinclair B. Ferguson’s book on Philippians has been completed and we are now at the editing stage. We have also started translating Ferguson’s book on The Gospel of Mark and a commentary on II Peter and Jude, by CWI’s Vice-Chairman Mark Johnston, is next on our list.

We are constantly re-assessing our long-term goals. One of these is to train the next generation of translators, editors, writers and graphic artists. To that end we are currently working with three young people. One is writing a short children's story that might develop into a series of stories. The other two are graphic artists in their early twenties who are helping us with our book catalogue and covers for our books. We are excited by their involvement in the work and hope that our new catalogue will be available soon in both Hebrew and English. Also, we have been asked to reproduce one of our evangelistic booklets, dealing with the subject of repentance. Having designed a new cover for this and updated the language, we plan to produce about 5,000 copies.

During my recent trip to the USA, we received the rights for distributing and selling certain publications in Russian and this will help us better serve the very large Russian community. Whilst travelling, I had the opportunity to do some work on a one year Bible-reading programme in Hebrew and we hope to post this on our new website that will be online soon. On the site, we also plan to make available in digital format various books and articles that we have previously published.

As a family, we have many opportunities for personal witness to various people including my physiotherapist and the estate agent who helped us to find the house we moved into during July. This is the sixth house we have lived in during the past four years but hopefully we will be here for a while! During the summer Eti has been teaching at a summer camp in Jerusalem and prior to that our children finished their school year with flying colours. One of them was even chosen from all the fourth graders to write an article in the school's yearbook. She wrote about the experiences and challenges we faced in coming from the USA to Israel. At the end of the article, she wrote, “but this is my country and this is my home!” We can certainly agree with her wholeheartedly.

David Zadok

CWI's Field Leader in Israel and heads up the work of HaGefen Publishing.
This article first appeared in the September 2007 edition of the Herald

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