Love Your Jewish Neighbour

'And Jesus went throughout all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and affliction' (Matthew 9:35)

What a beautiful picture of Jesus’ care for lost souls in every city and village. What determination to fulfil the calling given by his Father ‘to come and to seek that which was lost’. While Jesus went from place to place, I can’t imagine him rushing. He cared deeply for people, sharing the good news of the kingdom and ministering to their physical and emotional needs.

We are called to walk in Jesus’ footsteps, to proclaim his salvation and be his ambassadors, showing the people we meet that reconciliation with God is available through our Lord and Messiah. The apostle Paul again likewise urges us to go ‘to the Jew first, and also to the Greek’.


Having in mind the 195,000 Jewish people in London we made a decision last year to strategically follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Starting small, we have aimed at going from borough to borough within the greater London area, mainly focusing on areas with a relatively high Jewish population. However the labourers for this work are few, even if we count those from other organizations who are working with the same goal in view.


We therefore decided to put effort into equipping other followers of Jesus by inviting  members of churches located in London boroughs which have large Jewish communities, and anyone else who was interested, to join us for a series of training sessions called Love Your Jewish Neighbour. We set out with three main goals:


• To help people understand the importance of Jewish culture and tradition

• To teach helpful ways of communicating the good news in a sensitive and  relevant manner

• To help build confidence in our local witness


Initially we were blessed by two full training days in two churches in North London. Many of the participants wanted to have monthly follow up meetings so we were glad to be able to start these in November 2013. They are continuing until April and the final meeting will include a Passover demonstration.


Childs Hill Baptist Church, situated in a highly Jewish area, has been hosting these monthly training evenings which have been very encouraging. We have aimed to respond to the feedback received at the day events regarding which topics people wanted to learn more about. As a result we have been looking at Jewish festivals and holy days, Messianic prophecies which are particularly useful in evangelism, and the spectrum of different Jewish people and their beliefs, so that those attending the meetings could learn how to reach their Jewish friends and neighbours in a relevant and culturally sensitive way.


A highlight of the evening is having Jewish believers share how they came to know Jesus as their Messiah and Lord. With God’s help, we hope to make these meetings as informative and practical as possible, praying at the same time that the Lord of the harvest will ‘send out labourers into his harvest field’ as a result of them.  


The final couple of training evenings will take place between 7:45-9:45pm on Friday 14 March and Friday 11 April at Childs Hill Baptist Church, Mortimer Close (off Cricklewood Lane), Childs Hill, London, NW2 2JY. The nearest tube station is Golders Green and the nearest rail station is Cricklewood. Regular buses pass both stations.  There is no charge to attend.


For further information please contact or call us on 01865 887830. PowerPoint presentations and notes from the meetings are made available to participants but if you have missed any of the meetings and would like details on what has been covered please do get in touch. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in hosting a similar training day or series of meetings at your church.


It would be wonderful if we saw Jewish people saved as a result of God using these meetings to equip believers in Jesus to share the gospel effectively with their friends and neighbours. How amazing would it be not only to see Jewish people coming to faith as a result of their witness but also the nations around them being blessed by the saving grace being shown once again to the people of Israel?

This article first appeared in the Spring Herald 2014

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