Israel: a People, a Faith and a Land

In April, Jean-Paul Rempp’s book Israël: Peuple, Foi et Terre (“Israel, a People, a Faith and a Land”) was published. Writing out of a desire to provide French-speaking Christians with a biblical understanding of the place and role of Israel, Jean-Paul tackles the difficult issues of the relationship between Israel and the Church, Christian witness to the Jewish people and the return of the Jews to their ancestral land

In the Preface to the book, New Testament scholar Jacques Buchhold says Jean-Paul has managed to set aside secondary theological arguments in order to concentrate on what is essential. “It is highly likely”, writes Buchhold, “that evangelical Christians imagine they are very familiar with the reality of the Jewish world. Do they not share with the Jews a significant part of history and a biblical revelation which shapes their identity? However, Christians are in danger of interpreting Jewish reality in the light of this common heritage and not by the yardstick of what it truly is …Two events of the 20th century have left their indelible mark on the Jewish consciousness: the Holocaust and the founding of the State of Israel in 1948. Governed by the mysterious providence of God, this unleashing of evil and this hope of peace need to be interpreted …We can be grateful to Jean-Paul Rempp for setting out clearly the issues at stake, for indicating the points of agreement among evangelical Christians and for spelling out where the lines of division are to be found.”

After reading Israël: Peuple, Foi et Terre, Alfred Kuen, one of France’s best known and influential evangelical theologians, wrote to Jean-Paul: “Very many thanks for this book which you've sent me... Setting everything else aside, I immediately began reading and I've been delighted with it. I very much liked the balanced way you deal with this thorny problem and I shall enthusiastically recommend the book to everyone around me.”

Until now, there has been nothing available in the French language like Israël: Peuple, Foi et Terre. If you speak French or know other Christians who do, the book comes highly recommended. It is available from the publisher Excelsis ( or in the UK from CWI Head Office for £15 (including post and packing).

This article was first published in the Summer Herald 2010

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