Investing in the Future of Jewish Evangelism

A Kosher Encounter: The next Generation

One of the ways in which CWI is training the next generation of Christians to reach out to Jewish people is through “kosher encounters” at our Summer Schools. These events train Christians to share Jesus with their Jewish friends, neighbours and colleagues and enable them to carry those skills back to their home churches.
As a safe environment in which to test God’s calling, CWI Summer Schools have been first point of contact for many of our existing workers. However, some of those who would like to join us are students and ministers of limited means, and financial restrictions often prevent them from attending. We do not want anyone to lose out on this opportunity simply because of a lack of finance, so if you would like to invest in the future of Jewish mission by helping to train the next generation, please let us know and we will allocate your gifts for that purpose.

What the students say about the CWI Summer School:

“We were given excellent teaching on Judaism – its teachings and history – and had the chance to share the gospel with different Jewish people, giving out leaflets at underground stations and doing outreach on the streets of London. The summer school participants and teachers gelled quickly and were soon working as a team. The accommodation was nice and – as we had an Italian chef – the food was exceptional … It is an investment in yourself, your church, and the Jewish and Gentile people whose lives you will touch.” Steve (from New Zealand)

“It was absolutely brilliant. There were seventeen of us from all over the world, plus CWI personnel and visiting speakers, including Richard Harvey from All Nations Christian College. There was a good balance between excellent teaching on Judaism and Jewish cultural sensitivities, and going out to put what we had learnt into practice … it was an invaluable experience and I can highly recommend Summer School 09 to anyone interested in sharing the gospel with Jewish people.” Rosa (from the UK)

“Before I started, I was very nervous and I did not know what to do or say. In one of the last houses we visited, a Jewish man showed an interest in receiving some of the free books that we were offering. The following day David Bond and I visited the man again, gave him the literature and spoke with him a bit more. I have since heard from David that he is still in contact with him so I am so happy that my contribution had some effect … I enjoyed the Summer School a lot and felt privileged to study with people from all over the world.” Kazumi (originally from Japan, now living in the UK).

This article first appeared in the Winter 2008 edition of the Herald

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