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During the last few months we have been busy with a number of projects at HaGefen. We have been preparing for a series of seminars on the subject of parenting conducted by Dr. Tedd Tripp. In 2008 we published his book Shepherding a Child’s Heart in four different languages. Shepherding a Child’s Heart is considered a classic and has been translated into many different languages. We also had the honour of translating a study guide to the book in Hebrew and Russian, and of conducting a series of seminars on it. In November Dr. Tripp and his wife Margy were our guests for two weeks, conducting seminars in Beer Sheva, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem at the time of the most recent conflict between Israel and Hamas.

We have resumed publishing Shepherding a Child’s Heart in Amharic. The need for instruction in the area of raising children is even greater among some of the Ethiopian immigrants and we hope Tedd’s book will be a help to them. We began this project at the beginning of the year but, as this is the first time we have published a book in Amharic, we encountered a number of difficulties.

In October, we were able to overcome some of the challenges and we hope to be able to publish the Amharic version of Shepherding a Child’s Heart soon.



Isaiah 53 is one the most important Bible passages for Jewish evangelism. The chapter it is omitted from the annual synagogue readings from the Prophets. A few months ago, at the request of the Grace and Truth congregation, we published a tract on the passage using HaGefen’s modern Hebrew translation of the Prophets from The Testimony project. The Testimony is geared to youngsters who have difficulty reading and understanding the ancient Masoretic text, and some other congregations have also used the easier to read text in their evangelistic efforts.

We have just published Isaiah 53 Explained by Dr. Mitch Glaser, the President of Chosen People Ministries. Since this is an important passage and there is much need to bring it to the attention of both Hebrew-speaking and Russian-speaking Israelis, we published the book in both languages. Two separate teams worked on the Hebrew and Russian versions, and we trust Isaiah 53 Explained will be a tool in the hands of our mighty God to bring the Jewish people to himself. The book will be printed and used in other countries where CPM has staff and mission workers including Finland, Germany, Australia and, of course, the USA. We hope to send the book out to some of the evangelistic websites in Israel who have already requested it.



At the beginning of October we published a discipleship booklet by Navigators called Real Life Discipleship. We published the book in cooperation with the Fellowship of Christian Students in Israel and the book has already been used in the first FCSI conference this academic year. We are also considering publishing Real Life Discipleship in Arabic next semester.

Speaking of Arabic, we are about to complete our evangelistic booklet L’Chaim in Arabic. L’Chaim has been published already in Hebrew, Russian and English and, just as with the Amharic version of Shepherding a Child’s Heart, this is the first time that we have published a book in Arabic. We are facing some technical challenges but I am sure we will overcome them.

A few months ago, an Arabic speaking family began attending the Grace and Truth congregation. They heard the gospel through one of our church evangelists and have started to attend the church regularly. The Lord seems to be working in the lives of both the husband and the wife, and we are encouraged to see another Arab family in our midst.

We are thankful once again for all your prayers and support of our work here in Israel. Without you we would not be able to do all we are doing.

For the Kingdom.

This article was first published for the Winter Herald 2012

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