With Messiah, which is far better...'

On 24 July Mrs Nancie MacLeod, the widow of former CWI Director Murdo A. MacLeod, went to be with the Lord. Nancie became ill not long after attending the opening of the Grace and Truth building earlier in the year. Following a brief stay in hospital she was allowed to return home attended by a carer.

Nancie was born in 1930 and studied chemistry at Edinburgh University, where she met Murdo who was studying theology with a view to becoming a minister of the Free Church of Scotland. They married in 1954 and served the Lord together at churches in Tarbert and London before Murdo was appointed Director of the International Society for the Evangelization of the Jews, later to become CWI, in 1970.Throughout their years with CWI, Nancie supported Murdo not only as a loving wife but also as a welcoming hostess to the numerous visitors from around the world who stayed at their home in Eynsford, Kent.

My memory of Nancie is of an uncommonly intelligent, humble, gracious, generous, godly woman. The first time I attended the Free Church in London with her and Murdo was in the summer of 1984 and I was impressed to see her approach every person sitting in the London summer sunshine outside the church to offer them a gospel tract and invite them to the service.

She will be missed by all who knew her. To John, Ruth, Donald and Catherine, we express our condolences and pray you may know the comfort of the God of all comfort at this time of loss.

This article first appeared in the Autumn Herald 2013

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