From New Age to New Birth

Simone Cable is the founder of the New Age outreach that CWI is involved in each year. She abandoned Judaism for New Age spirituality before becoming a believer in Jesus. Here is her story…

I was brought up in a semi-religious Jewish home in North London. My family followed the usual traditions: we enjoyed Friday night dinners with Kiddush, festival celebrations, bar mitzvahs and prayers recited in Hebrew that no one really understood. I have positive memories of Jewish culture, with its great food and family gatherings. A number of family members were ambivalent, almost mocking in their attitude towards observance, nonetheless advocating that maintaining our Jewish identity was important.

I don’t remember ever doubting the existence of God, but my understanding was limited. An awareness of God developed through attending Hebrew classes and synagogue services, and participating in the festivals and high holy days. Yet as I grew up, I felt an increasing inner restlessness. 

Emotionally and spiritually, there was an inner void that deepened during times of turbulence within the family. By the time I left school in 1976, the hippy rebellion was the culture of the day. I was drawn to the idea of meditation which promised inner peace.

A year later, I joined an organisation called the Divine Light Mission. After five years I left the movement disorientated and disillusioned. I had become involved in a cult and had been virtually brainwashed. Later I explored spiritualism, believing that I already had evidence that the soul lives on, following an experience relating to my recently deceased father.

My search incorporated various meditation practices. I used crystals, guided visualisation techniques, experienced trance states and was part of a psychic training circle. Over the years, a reliance on meditation had a negative effect upon my mental focus. I became detached and disassociated from the real world. I experienced a range of spiritual phenomena, such as seeing rainbow-like aura colours emanating from people and contact with spirit guides.

I never questioned what I was experiencing. I assumed I was connecting with a transcendent, impersonal, universal life force and was confident that I was in control. I enjoyed the New Age circuit for many years, drawn by the search for psychic phenomena, aspiring to become a truly psychic, enlightened being.

One Sunday morning, as I headed off to a psychic show, I met some neighbours on their way to church. Another Sunday I called on them and was struck by the light that I sensed bursting out of their flat. I concluded that they were involved in something powerful, so when they invited me to go to church one Sunday I went.

The church was located in a hotel room in London. There were no religious icons or artefacts, simply a projector, a lectern and a preacher. I was struck by the warm

welcome of the congregation and the vibrant atmosphere of the meeting and felt uplifted for the rest of the day. On my second visit the pastor offered an opportunity for people to accept Jesus Christ as Lord. I found myself responding. I had no intention of subscribing to a mainstream faith system or any desire to make a life-changing commitment and was unprepared for what followed. Something made me walk forward that day. As I prayed I suddenly felt an incredible spiritual presence around me. I knew I was in the presence of God.

I experienced a power so compelling that I could do nothing but respond to it. I considered Jesus to be an enlightened soul who had reincarnated throughout history in the forms of Buddha, Muhammad, Moses, Krishna and others, yet my spirit recognised the authority and presence of God unhindered by this belief system.

In that moment, an incredible love poured into a place of aching emptiness; I knew God loved and understood me. I was overwhelmed by a sense of holiness. I experienced tremendous love, but at the same time I felt impure, aware of a darkness inside me. Entities within me were hostile to the Holy Spirit. If I had accessed higher powers that were ‘good’, why did they not rejoice in my discovery of Jesus? This disturbing inner conflict was distressing. I prayed to renounce the practices, beliefs and philosophies I could no longer embrace. Those early prayers of repentance were life-transforming. It was like an enormous weight was lifted from my shoulders. I knew that God was in my life and no longer looked to the guidance of spirits and angels.

One year after this experience, the Lord led me to Bible College and a period of healing and growth, where I met God in many amazing ways. During this time, a conviction grew about the need to reach out to those involved in the New Age. While I was in the movement I never encountered any group at the festivals who spoke about Jesus and I saw a huge opportunity. 

The first application to exhibit at a New Age festival was refused by the organisers. I was disappointed but pressed on. The following year, I applied as an independent organisation called Fountain of Life and was successful. The work quickly grew over the next few years. It was an exciting time. We reached out to hundreds at the shows and I highlighted the issue of New Age deception by speaking at churches. Like-minded people joined the work; some had come out of the New Age themselves while others responded enthusiastically to the opportunity. Originally the Churches Ministry Among Jewish People and London City Mission supported the work on a scale larger than anything I could ever have imagined. The baton was then passed on. An exciting new phase of the work is now in progress, with CWI leading the way.

Simone Cable's full testimony

This article first appeared in the Autumn Herald 2013

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