Experiencing Jesus

The second of this year’s Jesus Experience outreaches took place at a large New Age festival in London at the end of May. Once again the stand provided a valuable and unique witness to the crowds seeking light in a very dark place.

Building gospel bridges I was very encouraged by the friendly atmosphere at The Jesus Experience stand and the number of people who were open to hearing about Jesus. It’s impossible to count exactly how many conversations took place but at a rough estimate between 1,600 and 1,700 visitors sat down at the tables with members of our team.


It was good to meet up with stallholders we have got to know on previous occasions. The conversations we had and the relationships we have formed with them are bridges for the gospel. At least two of those stallholders asked for prayer, and we also pray that the seeds sown with them will take root and grow into true and saving faith. We were pleasantly surprised to find a stand staffed by young Jewish people nearby. One of them, a young lady, told me how she used to attend synagogue when she was younger, and asked whether we pray in English or Hebrew. A number of our team had conversations with them and passed on some evangelistic literature in Hebrew. Please pray that our contact with the other stallholders this year will, in God’s time, bear fruit.

This article was first published in the Autumn Herald 2012

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