Why CWI doesn't charge to send speakers

This is not a criticism but if you’ve ever had a Christian musician, author, sports personality or comedian for a church event you may have been charged up front for their services. Some missions and Bible teachers have begun to do the same and, to be honest, a couple of times CWI has considered going down the same road.

More and more churches or fellowships that want a visit from CWI ask how much we charge to send a representative and, almost invariably, are pleasantly surprised to learn that we make no charge. We hope, of course, that such fellowships will make a generous donation to the Society but that is not our first consideration. The ministry of CWI is a double-edged one. We exist to make the message of Messiah known to the people of promise but we also minister to Christians, teaching at churches and fellowships without charge, believing God will meet all our needs.


So, as we now have representatives in England, Ireland and Scotland who are eager to come to you, it seems the appropriate time to say that if you want Ruairidh Maclean in Scotland, Ian Morrison in Ireland, me or any of our other representatives in the rest of the UK or abroad to speak at your church, fellowship or conference, you won’t receive an invoice before or after the meeting. This has been our policy for over 170 years and I hope it will continue to be so.


And it’s not only standard church meetings at which we speak. In addition to preaching, teaching and presenting Passover demonstrations, last year we began to branch out. We introduced Love Your Jewish Neighbour, a monthly meeting for Christians who want to understand the faith and beliefs of their Jewish friends and acquaintances with a view to sharing Jesus with them. Each month, from November last year to April this year, our London staff conducted Love Your Jewish Neighbourevenings where as many as thirty people learned about Jewish culture, faith, festivals and the Messianic prophecies, and heard Jewish believers share their stories of how they came to faith in Jesus. Refreshments were provided and after each meeting notes and PowerPoint presentations were emailed to everyone on the mailing list, all without charge. We are grateful to Childs Hill Baptist Church in North London and their pastor Gary Brady who kindly made their premises available to us free of charge, which made it easier for us to teach without cost to those who attended.


When The Bible Comes Alive was launched in April (see page 4), thanks to a small legacy that had been left to us, we were able to take it to Margate without cost to the host church. And when our workers presented demonstrations of the Passover at churches during the Easter period we did so without asking for payment. At the risk of seeming to be blowing our own shofar, the following feedback arrived after the recent Bible Comes Alive event.


Dear Mike & Alan,


[The event] was certainly a great success as a tool for bringing local Christians together with a common purpose to learn about the Old Testament and our Hebrew roots. Quite a few said that they have never heard anything like this before or that they wished they received more teaching from the Old Testament in their own churches.


I think the talk that blessed me the most was probably the Tabernacle as there were so many gems and links to the risen Jesus in our midst today. I especially loved the link to the Lord’s Supper. Having said that, each talk was a blessing in so many various ways.


I keep hearing of people who said that the Presence of the Holy Spirit was among us in a ‘felt’ way. His pleasure was surely on the coming together of believers from all over Thanet and beyond to learn of Him from the Scriptures that Jesus read.


Thanks again to both of you for an unforgettable week! You were both, personally,such a blessing to us all and I have no doubt that many
seeds of life were sown.


We would love to bless your fellowship also but you don’t have to have us for a week-long event such as The Bible Comes Alive. Our deputation speakers are available for Sunday services and mid-week meetings. We speak at Bible studies, youth meetings, ladies’ fellowships, ministers’ fraternals, and at conferences and conventions on subjects related to the Jewish people, Judaism and Jewish evangelism.


Because of the focus of our ministry our workers are required to have a more than superficial knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures and the Jewish background to the books of the Bible. So when a CWI representative comes to your fellowship they bring a fresh and illuminating perspective on the Scriptures. Passover demonstrations and presentations of the biblical festivals will expand and enrich your understanding of the gospel; Jewish Awareness Days and Love Your Jewish Neighbour events cover a wide variety of relevant topics from Jewish faith, culture and history to training in Jewish evangelism. We will present a demonstration of the Passover or simply come to share our ministry of telling Jewish people about Jesus.


If you are a minister or you hold office in your fellowship and you would like CWI to visit you, contact Mrs PohLeng Spalding at head office and she will do her best to arrange a visit. That’s what we’re here for. We’ve received freely and we will come to you freely, knowing that the Lord, who is no man’s debtor, will provide for our needs.


Wishing you the Lord’s richest blessings.


Yours for the salvation of Israel,




Mike Moore

This article first appeared in the summer Herald 2014

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