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UK Missionary tours - April/May 2019


More Jewish people than ever are discovering Jesus as their Messiah.
Lives are being changed as the gospel is being shared!

In April and May a number of our missionaries are visiting churches in the UK speak about their mission work and share the Gospel in the Passover presentation.


Why Passover?

CWI’s The Gospel in the Passover presentation demonstrates how the gospel is at the very centre of Israel’s ancient festival of redemption and how Jesus – the perfect Lamb of God – is revealed through the ceremony that is still observed by Jewish people across the world.


What to Expect

A CWI missionary will take your church through the traditional Passover Seder, explaining the various elements and how they relate symbolically to Jesus and the gospel. As the events recorded in Exodus are explained, Jesus as Messiah is revealed.


We are planning to be in...

North West of England: Igal Vender (Israel), 5th – 22nd April

Northern Ireland: Asaf Pelled (Holland), 15th – 22nd April

South Wales: Philip Amos (UK), 29th April – 13th May

South of England: Aurel Vidal (France), 28th April – 6th May

East Anglia & Essex: Aviel Sela (Israel), 5th – 22nd April

Scotland: Bogi Kozma (Hungary), 29th April – 13th May


Bookings are still being taken in all the above areas. Download a flyer to share with your church here.

To host a Passover meeting or a missionary speaker at your church, please contact Helen Thompson on 01865 887830 or by email to


CWI Summer Outreach 2019


Join CWI in London from 27th July - 10th August

Following on from our successful summer outreaches across Europe, this year we will be sharing Jesus with Jewish people in London!

Part of CWI's history can be traced back to The Barbican Mission to the Jews in 19th century London. Today, the city has around 185,000 Jewish residents and also contains Europe’s highest population of Ultra Orthodox Jewish people.

Philip Amos, CWI's newest missionary, will be leading the outreach. Philip says:
'I'm really looking forward to working with others who have a passion for sharing Jesus with Jewish people. Also, I'm confident that the outreach will generate a lot of local Jewish contacts for our London missionaries to follow up after the outreach is completed. Please pray about being a part of the team of enthusiastic volunteers who will be telling Jewish people about Jesus with us this summer!'

If you or someone you know would love the opportunity to be trained and join our outreach team on the streets of London, then get in touch! The two-week London outreach will be interspersed with Jewish evangelism training and Jewish cultural events.

The cost to take part is £1200 plus return travel, which covers accommodation, food and travel once you arrive in London. If you aren't able to join us for the whole 2 weeks, a per day rate is available. Please contact us for further information.


If you would like to join us in London this summer, please download an application form here

For further information, please email or call us on 01865 887830.



October 2019 Missionary Bookings now being taken...


More Jewish people than ever are discovering Jesus as their Messiah. Lives are being changed as the gospel is being shared!

The story of Jewish people coming to faith in Jesus will bless, encourage and inspire your church. CWI missionaries will be in your area throughout 2019 - don't miss the opportunity to have them visit to share this good news with your church!


Our missionaries will be visiting churches in England and Wales and offer a range of inspiring topics, depending on what best interests your church, including:


The Gospel in the Passover   
As our missionary takes your church through the traditional Passover Seder, find out what is really meant by 'Christ our Passover Lamb' and how this Jewish festival points forward to the Messiah's sacrifice for us. See the Passover as Jesus himself understood it!  

Personal Testimony and Ministry News   
God is using our missionaries in amazing ways among Jewish people. Hear the latest stories about how he is on the move through their witness and how a significant number are coming to put their trust in Jesus!

We'd love to be in touch with you to see how we can meet your requirements and share good news with you about how Jesus is transforming Jewish lives. Alternatively, please talk to us if there are other topics you would like our missionaries to speak about. 


How to book...  

If your church would like a CWI missionary to visit your church we are taking bookings for our 2019 missionary meetings October.

Please get in touch with Helen Thompson on 01865 887830 or by email to  to arrange a meeting for this year or next!


UK meetings through the year...  

CWI Head of Ministry Richard Gibson is available for meetings in the North of England, Grace Lan for meetings in Scotland, and Philip Amos and Andreea Prismon are available for meetings around London and the South East on an ongoing basis.






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